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Choreographers at Stagedoor work on one musical per session on a team with the director, music director, and stage manager. In addition to choreographing your show you willl also teach up to three dance classes per day. Some of your classes will have final presentations in the Saturday Night Showcase performance at the end of the second week. Classes and shows are assigned based on your areas of expertise and the needs of the session. Choreographers will also run auditions and assign class levels to campers over the first two days of each session. 

Choreographers at Stagedoor should have professional experience choreographing musicals and should be proficient in and have experience teaching three or more of the following techniques to various levels: ballet, modern, jazz, tap, commercial/hip hop, fosse, theatre dance, and contemporary for the 10-18 age range. Some of our campers have been dancing for many years when they come to us, other have never taken a movement class and we see every level in between. It is important that you are both excited and able to teach all of our campers. 

As a Stagedoor choreographer you will need to be a team player. Choreographers should be creative, flexible, open minded and work effectively under pressure. Choreographers should be comfortable working on a tight timeline as you will have limited prep time (especially for session two and three) and our shows are created and performed in three weeks. 

At Stagedoor Manor, you will spend your summer working with some amazing people, building you resume and teach some wonderful young performers all while surrounded by the beauty of Upstate New York. It is a fast pace, intense process and for the right person can be extremely rewarding and exciting. 

Typical day for weeks 1 & 2:

8:30am - Breakfast 

9:15am - Morning rehearsal 

11:130am - Lunch 

12:45pm - 1st class period 

1:50pm - 2nd class period 

3:00pm - Production meeting/prep time/time off

4:15pm - 3rd class period 

5:15pm - Dinner 

6:30pm - Evening rehearsal 

8:45pm - Weekly production meeting/all camp events/time off 

Week 3 there are no classes and we add an afternoon rehearsal with performances n Friday and Saturday. 

Click here to read about being an Assistant Choreographer.

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