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About Us

Our primary mission statement: 


About the location: 

In middle of the 20th Century, the Catskill Mountains were a very popular vacation destination and several large resort facilities sprang up. Over the years, these places closed due to a decline in tourism and many of them have now been converted into summer retreats, camps, and private schools. Stagedoor is one of those old hotel complexes nestled in the heart of New York's Catskills Mountains. While trying to paint a true picture of the facility, we don't want you to think it's getting ready to fall to the ground either. Stagedoor has a very rustic charm and part of that character includes the 40 coats of paint on the walls, 1960's architecture, and somewhat warn carpets in spots. At the end of the day we are a camp, and by camp standards we have one of the more comfortable camps in America. The geographic region where Stagedoor is located is very rural with small lakes, hiking trails, and tiny villages. We are also less than 2 hours away from New York City. The campus is composed of the main building (offices, camper housing, staff housing, and 3 theatres), a couple of dorm facilities, our outdoor drama space, our 2 larger theaters, a tennis court, an outdoor pool, a well kept lawn, and a large open field. 

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Our Admin Staff

Staff Positions: 

Directors ~ Musical Directors ~ Choreographers

Camp Counselors ~ Stage Managers ~ Assistant Choreographers ~ Make-up Artists ~ Video Technicians ~ Lifeguards ~ Infirmary Assistant

Scenic Designers ~ Lighting Designers ~ Costume Designers

Costume Builders ~ Props Artisans ~ Master Carpenters ~ Carpenters ~ Scenic Artists~ Swing Techs

Nurses ~ Kitchen ~ Housekeeping ~ Office Staff

Previous shows: 

Each year we pick our shows based on what the campers have submitted about their interests and talents. If we have a lot of kids that year that want to dance we might do a show like Chicago, some kids aren't as interested in musicals so they might perform in something like She Kills Monsters or Hamlet. etc. The document to the right contains the list of shows we have done since 1983. 

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