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Scenic Designer

As a scenic designer you will be working closely with directors and production teams to design 6 shows over the summer (2 shows in rep each session).


Typical duties include:

  • Reading scripts and working with the artistic team to determine the needs of the show

  • Presenting designs and communicating them effectively via sketches, 3D software, and model boxes

  • Producing ground plans and technical drawings for the scenic team lead to interpret into workshop drawings for build

  • Assisting (based on individual skills) the production staff to build and/or paint the set

  • Attending production meetings

  • Communicating with the scenic team lead of any design changes and needs of the show

  • Working with stage management as a stage technicians during show weekend. For larger spaces you may be expected to take on the role of crew chief

  • Ability to work outdoors in hot and rainy conditions 

  • Other duties within the individual skill set as requested by management

All of our staff works together as a team to help successfully get all 14 productions up and running each session. We look to our tech team to utilize your complete skillset not just your primary talent. So when we need you, you will be asked to help other departments finish up those last few projects before opening. Whether is be helping sew on those last few buttons, painting projects, or even doing last minute lighting checks. We all jump in to help everyone finish on time. 

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