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Lighting Designer

As a Lighting Designer at Stagedoor you will design 6 shows in you assigned theatre space. Each session there are 2 shows per space. These shows are designed in a Terpertory fashion with a few changes as we move from one to the other. The inventory we use is entirely conventional fixtures and getting creative with practical's. We have a team of 7 Lighting Designers to light all of our spaces. Each designer is required to be technicacin in other spaces to help hand, focus, and trouble shoot. Once we enter your space the other Lighting team become your technicians. It's a lot of fun as we push the boundaries of what we can create, working together through challenging obstacles producing some of the best wow factor moments seen in traditional theatre. 

All of our staff works together as a team to help successfully get all 14 productions up and running each session. We look to our tech team to utilize your complete skillset not just your primary talent. So when we need you, you will be asked to help other departments finish up those last few projects before opening. Whether is be helping sew on those last few buttons, painting projects, or even doing last minute lighting checks. We all jump in to help everyone finish on time. 

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