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Directors at Stagedoor work on one show each session, this may be a musical or non-musical depending on the individuals experience, training, and qualifications. You will collaborate with a team comprised on a stage manager, and full design team, and if it's a musical then a music director and either a choreographer or assistant choreographer. In addition to directing a show, you will also teach up to four to two classes each day. Classes and shows are assigned based on your areas of expertise and the needs of the session. Directors also run audition workshops and will assist in various artistic duties throughout the session as needed. 

Directors wishing to work at Stagedoor Manor should have a minimum of 3-5 years of professional directing experience and should be proficient, and have experience teaching students in the age range of 10-18. We look for strong collaborators to unify productions around their central vision focusing on the high standard to which Stagedoor Manor has become known. Our directors achieve high quality through their focus on process rather than product, whereby each and every camper is given individual attention of the artistic team in order to facilitate maximum growth and development of all the campers. Essential attributes include flexibility, creativity, open-mindedness, and the ability to work well under pressure in our fast-paced environment. 

At the end of a session you will be exhausted, drained, and spent. But you will work with some of the most incredible people, who will become lifelong friends and colleagues as well as direct and teach the most amazing young performers you will ever meet. 

Typical day for weeks 1 & 2 of each session:

8:30am - Breakfast

9:15am - Morning rehearsal

11:30am - Lunch 

12:45pm - 1st class period

1:50pm - 2nd class period 

3:00pm - Production meeting/prep time/time off

4:15pm - 3rd class period 

5:15pm - Dinner 

6:30pm - Evening rehearsal 

8:45pm - Weekly production meeting/All camp events/time off 

Week 3 there are no classes in the afternoon as we add an afternoon tech rehearsal with performances on Friday and Saturday. 

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