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Musical Director

Our music directors need to be excellent sight readers, strong pianists, and calm under pressure. 

The job entails playing for auditions, musically directing one full musical per session from the piano (no band - just you), and teaching two to three classes a day in vocal technique/rep/audition technique, etc. The classes you are assigned to are based on your area of expertise.

You should be a trying collaborator and be able to work in a face paced environment. Experience working with children along with professional music direction experience is required to apply. You would be one of a team of nine musical directors working at Stagedoor at any given time. The time from first rehearsal to final dress is two weeks. There are two rehearsals a day (morning and evening) for the first week and a half with classes in the middle. The final half of the second week moves to three rehearsals a day with no classes. 


Score prep time is minimal. Especially for second and third sessions. You will usually receive your score about a week before your first rehearsal, but will often only be able to sit down at a piano with the scores once before you are in front of your cast. 


It is best to think of Stagedoor as a professional training center as opposed to a summer camp. Especially for the Artistic Staff. While every staff members overriding responsibility is for the welfare of the campers, for you this is not involve taking care of the campers outside of your rehearsals and classes.

For the right person, Stagedoor is a wonderful experience. We have a core of fantastic music directors, many of whom have returned to Stagedoor for well over a decade. Its is truly a magicall place to live and work for the summer. 

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