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If you enjoy theater, music, and dance; if you enjoy working with youth and meeting great people from around the world, then working as a camp nurse or infirmary assistant at Stagedoor will be a great experience for you!

Our Health Center is well stocked and homey. Our staff of three RNs care for the routine health needs of our campers and staff including assessing and treating illness and injury under the protocols established with our covering physicians' office. A nurse practitioner comes to the camp regularly to see campers and staff.

Stagedoor campers are unique. This camp is total theater immersion. And theatre kids are very melodramatic. In fact, some of the summer's best performances occur in the Health Center! But they are also just kids, with the same needs and problems of all 10-18 year-olds; it is just that these kids know every word of every Broadway musical ever written!

We do work hard, but there is also plenty of time to watch rehearsals, swim, and relax. You are provided all meals and either a private or semi-private room. And you will get to know a fun and talented staff who will quickly and forever become friends and family. 

You may choose to work for the whole summer or for select sessions throughout the season. Sessions are three weeks long and we have a total of three sessions for the whole summer. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please read through the two documents below.

Infirmary Assistant

Infirmary Assistant

Staff member(s) assigned to assist with Health Center is usually a general counselor who helps us with the non-medical stuff. Although at times we’ve had assistants who were first aid trained or Medical Assistants our student nurses and in those cases they can help with minor things like wrapping an ankle or redressing a wound. 

First Aid certification is beneficial.

Typical Infirmary Assistant duties include:

  • May assist in setting up the Health Center during pre-camp

    • Unpack and stock stored materials​

    • Inventory bed linen needs 

    • Make Isolation Room beds with attention to appropriate distancing requirements

    • First Aid kit stocking and maintenance

  • May assist in Opening Day intake of campers

    • Hand out check-in forms​ to campers

    • Taking and recording temperatures on check-in forms

    • Head lice check, depending upon training skills 

    • Collect and alphabetize check-in forms

  • Daily Health Center duties​

    • Fill water cooler with ice and water

    • Change used bedding and assist in maintaining cleanliness/disinfection of Isolation Rooms

    • Assist with bringing meals to campers/staff staying in Isolation Rooms

    • May assist with calling pharmacy to obtain the price of prescriptions

    • Assis in restocking First Aid kits weekly and just before performacnce weekend

  • Drive campers/staff to medical or dental appointments as necessary ​​​

  • Assist in picking up prescriptions from pharmacy 

  • May assist in closing Health Center at end of camp 

Coming to Stagedoor Manor will give you extra experience for your resume and your life. 

But first and foremost, you are a counselor. You are like a big brother or sister to our campers. As a counselor, you are the caretaker of a group of girls or boys. It is your responsibility to not only wake them up in the morning and be sure they are all there at bedtime, but also to check in with them during the day. Does one of your campers seem sad? Did you notice all the roommates were sitting together at lunch or was one of them missing? You are not alone! We have group leaders and returning counselors and lots of staff to help if you see a problem or have a worry. Male counselors typically watch over 8 campers and female counselors watch after about 6. 

Typical Counselor duties include:

Meal Duty- Each meal there are six counselors that eat before the kids so that they are available to take attendance (to be sure everyone is eating), wander around the dining room (to be sure no one is throwing their food, choking, etc), or need to go find a camper missing from the meal. 

Entry Duty- During the day, we do our best to have someone sit at the entry table by the driveway, stopping visitors, and directing people to the front office. 

Floor Duty- During rehearsals and classes, we have a counselor sit on each floor to ensure that no one is skipping a class, no one came back upset, etc. 

Other duties include: attendance, office, evening recreation, grounds, etc. 

All counselors have a 1:00am curfew! 

During Session Changeover (the 24-hour period between when one group of kids goes home and another group arrives), it is the counselors that vacuum and dust the rooms, decorate the halls and generally clean up in anticipation of the next group of kids. 

The hours are long. Some days you get up at 8:00am and not find your bed again until 1:00am. There is time in the day to socialize, take a two hour break, to check your email, etc. 

Counselors live in a dorm like building on the same floor, but not the same rooms,as the campers they are supervising. Counselors rooms are large with a bathroom and usually share the room with 4-6 other counselors. 

During the third week of each session, as it is production week and we are gearing up for performances, General Counselors find themselves doing a bit more counselor duties as the theatre-oriented counselors pick up more rehearsal time and work on prepping shows. 

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