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Kitchen staff members are essential to the flow of camp. Kitchen staff wakes up earlier than everyone else on campus but finish earlier then most other camp staff. Work hours are usually from 7:30am-7:30pm with a few breaks in between meals. Typical jobs you may help with are: washing dishes, attending the salad bar, attending the coffee and beverage stand, prepping meals, stocking shelves in the kitchen and milk fridge, cleaning dining tables, sweeping floors, trash hauling, and humus handlers (prep, soak, boil, and blend). 

BEFORE MEAL DUTIES INCLUDE: prepping the dining hall for all of camp, stocking kitchen and fridge shelves, cooking meals

DURING MEAL DUTIES INCLUDE: Serving on the line (portion control is key so we do not run out of food); refilling the salad bar; running hot food to the serving line; refilling condiments specifically for the meal (such as, ketchup with burgers and fries); refilling silverware, napkins and china restocking; wiping up spills on the buffet table and dining room tables. 

AFTER MEAL DUTIES INCLUDE: Trash collection and hauling to the dock; table cleaning;

floor sweeping

Some tips for our kitchen:

  • For floor liquid spills, we have a dry powder to sprinkle over then sweep up with a broom. Try not to use mops where guests walk, they will slip and fall

  • If you are not helping with hot food out of the ovens/stoves, DO NOT walk near them, this is how accidents happen

  • Please pack work clothes with you, which consists of at least two pairs of full length work trousers/jeans and work tops, as well as a pair of work shoes or boots. Any items of work wear you do not pack, or are inappropriate, must be bought in America, you will not be allowed to work if you do not have suitable clothing

  • Please also bring a battery operated alarm clock to ensure you wake up on time

Most housekeeping, kitchen, and power staff live in rooms with a couple of roommates. Although, there are a couple of larger rooms that house 4-5 people. The bathrooms are down the hall with private stalls and standing showers. 

Please read the attached document with notes about the kitchen:

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