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Props Artist

Stagedoor Manor is an opportunity to work with a dedicated professional staff to create a portfolio of shows. You will be responsible for propping multiple shows each session, both plays and musicals. This means that your abilities to multi-task and prioritize your workload are essential. 

Key skills include: 

  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment with good organizational skills

  • Technical ability in a range of materials including foam, paper, wood, soft prop

  • Work in a team with good communication skills

  • Your schedule will include working late nights 

Starting each session you will read scripts, make props lists, and create a budget. You will get familiar with our stock and pull what props you need from there, modifying where appropriate. You'll source new props from online suppliers and on shopping trips. And build from scratch designing and making use of a range of techniques and tools. All this will be done with close communication with your shows creative team. 

You will read and respond quickly and efficiently to a daily rehearsal report for each show you are working on and work with with stage management team to support rehearsals and make props available. Your team lead and swing tech will support you creatively to solve problems and enhance skills. 

All of our staff works together as a team to help successfully get all 14 productions up and running each session. We look to our tech team to utilize your complete skillset not just your primary talent. So when we need you, you will be asked to help other departments finish up those last few projects before opening. Whether is be helping sew on those last few buttons, painting projects, or even doing last minute lighting checks. We all jump in to help everyone finish on time. 

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