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The housekeeping position plays a key role in the smooth operation of camp. You must be dependable and work well with others. Housekeeping can be physically demanding. You will need to be able to lift and carry items across camp, as well as other manual labor. On any given day, you will be tasked with a list of things that need to be completed by the end of the day. Items on the list can include, but are not limited to: emptying trashes, cleaning public bathrooms, vacuuming camper rooms, cleaning the dining hall after meals, and cleaning the rehearsal spaces.

Our interaction with the campers is very minimal. We see them in passing but don't really interact with them.


We use rehearsal time when the kids are out of their rooms, to clean. We do, however, get to enjoy some of the shows on show weekend as long as we have our jobs done. We typically work from 7am to 3pm with a 30 minute break for breakfast and lunch. We return after dinner to clean for about 30 minutes. During the day if we need to rest we can take a 10 minute break in the staff lounge, but we typically don't. Oh, but we do have access to the staff lounge, and pool when we are not working! 


Wear comfortable clothes, and comfortable closed toed shoes. We handle cleaning supplies and there's a good chance you'll get dirty. Pants or shorts are fine. You are encouraged to wear gloves while cleaning, and they are provided. 

Most housekeeping, kitchen, and power staff live in rooms with a couple of roommates. Although, there are a couple of larger rooms that house 4-5 people. Males and females are housed in separate buildings. The bathrooms are down the hall with private stalls and standing showers. There are washers and dryers available at camp for a charge, or you can send your laundry out with the campers but it takes several days for it to come back to you. 

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