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Will my travel be reimbursed? 

Money spent on buses or taxis to get to camp will be reimbursed upon your arrival to camp, but you must turn in those receipts. Remember to ask for receipts whenever you are making your way to camp. 

Can I get my money exchanged?

You should exchange your money in the airport before you leave. It is tough to find places to exchange your money outside of NYC. Those arriving early to work pre-camp will be paid in cash (US dollars). We recommend that you purchase travelers checks which may be cashed at or nearby camp. Be sure to have American currency to pay for taxis and bus fees. 

How do I get to Stagedoor?

Specific information regarding transportation depends upon your arrival date. Read the document below for specific travel information. As well as a document containing information that will be helpful if you are flying. 


How To Apply: 

Send your email to

Be sure to include:

  • The subject line should read: "Applying for [position title]"

  • Your full name and position for which you are applying 

  • Contact email and phone number 

  • Your resume 

  • Cover letter describing the position you would like to apply for and why you qualify for that position

  • A link to your portfolio, this can be a link to website or a pdf document 

  • Electronically fill out & email the application below

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