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Teacher & Counselor

Full time Teacher/Counselors will take on the task of teaching 4-6 different classes during the first 2 weeks of each session. This can be a wide range of classes based on the skills, background training and styles of each particular Teacher/Counselor. Classes can range from things like: Character Development & Creation, Stage Combat (if teachers have training), Improv (Basic, Short Form, Long Form, Second City), Shakespeare, Scene Study, Monologue Prep, Basic Acting and numerous other core or specialty classes that are offered.


All classes at Stagedoor Manor begin on Wednesday of week 1 of each session and then conclude on the second Saturday of week 2 of each session. There are no classes during week t3 since that is production week and most Teacher/Counselors focus on counseling since the theatre-oriented counselors pick up more rehearsal time and work on prepping the shows. There are 3 sessions for the entire summer. There are 3 different class versions each day that occur on a rotating schedule; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each afternoon there are three 1-hour classes. 


Class sizes will range depending on the age levels of each class. Classes at Stagedoor Manor are broken into 3 different age brackets: Level 1 (ages 10 to 12); Level 2 (ages 13 to 15); and Level 3 (ages 16+).


Teachers should have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm, be flexible in the classes they teach and be a team player. When in the classroom, teachers should be comfortable adjusting their lesson plans based on the level of experience of the campers they are teaching as each group will bring something different to the environment.


When Teacher/Counselors are not in the classroom, they will be focusing on their primary responsibilities as a camp counselor. 

Filmmaking Teacher

Video Team Lead

The filmmaking position entails the staff member to teach 2 different sections of the Filmmaking class. Each section of Filmmaking meets every day, Monday through Saturday, 1-hour of each class, for the first 2 weeks of the session. During this time frame, it is the responsibility of the staff member to work towards creating a short 5-7 minute film for each section of the class that will be presented during the Saturday Night Showcase. This takes place during the second Saturday of the session. The Filmmaking teacher will be the lead teacher for the class but will be working in conjunction with another video tech teacher.


As we continue to develop the Film & TV curriculum at Stagedoor, the staff member in the position will help grow the program by incorporating facets of college/professional level training and information to our campers interested in Film & TV production. The Filmmaking teacher will help guide the campers through the process of creating a film. Allowing each student to take part in one capacity or another, i.e.: camera operation, lighting, sound, director, producer, etc.


The other primary responsibility of the Filmmaking Teacher is the roll of Video Editor/Video Team Lead. This port requires the staff member to have a strong understanding of video editing, working knowledge of video software, and a good sense of how to compile several camera angles into a fluid piece. This position will be in charge of editing together the 14 productions that Stagedoor Manor presents each session along with any other extracurricular events we offer. As the Video Team Lead, they will be the go to person for the other 6 video techs who are also teaching classes, filming shows, and help all the set ups and tear downs of equipment for said events. 

Note: There is the option for the Filmmaking Teacher to teach up to 2 more classes, but is not required. In the past, this has included classes like: Intro of Screenwriting: TV, Intro to Screenwriting: Film, Film Analysis. 

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