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All bedding, towels, and pillows are provided for overseas staff only. American staff should bring their own linens. All beds are single size and most rooms are shared. Artistic staff beds are full or double size.

Bring your most comfortable clothes such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. You will want a jacker or jumper, as it can get fairly cool in the mountains in the morning and after dark. A dressy outfit could also be useful as you may have the opportunity to go to NYC to see a show. We also have an end of summer staff party where some staff enjoy getting dressed up for the evening. A battery operated alarm clock is a plus, as power failures are common. A watch is also useful to ensure to keep on your own schedule. Please do not bring expensive or irreplaceable jewelry or personal items. You door will have a lock and we have a safe, but personal belongings are your own responsibility. 

There are several inexpensive places close by such as Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Rite Aid to purchase toiletries, cosmetics, prepaid cell phones for international staff, etc. You will find most American prices are low; so you don't need to overload your luggage. However, if you are a tea drinker you may want to bring your favorite tea because American tea is not the same. Also, no vegemite or marmite can be found in America, so bring your own if you'd like. 

Please feel free to bring photos of friends, family, and shows to decorate your room. Everyone loves to see them.

As technology is the norm today, we encourage you to bring your laptop, tablet, e-reader, etc. We do offer wi-fi at Stagedoor Manor. We also have several staff printers you will be able to access. The office computers are for office use only, please don't ask to use them. However, you will not need things like a TV or gaming devices as there will not be time to use them. 

Don't worry about tools or supplies to do your job. We will provide everything you need unless you have a highly specialized tool or instrument that you know you can't live without. 

If you plan to perform in our Staff Showcase (which is a great idea to do) bring anything you may need for the performance. However, we do have a piano to use. 

If you plan to drive, you will need an international or valid US drivers license (International license will need to be obtained prior to leaving your home country). You must be at lease 25 years old to rent a car from most US rental agencies. 

Please remember to bring: 

1. Your completed medical form if you were not able to submit it digitally. 

2. If you are certified in First Aid, CPR, Lifesaving, Bronze Medallion, St. John's Ambulance, etc bring a copy of your card or certificate. 

3. Two forms of ID for filling out payroll. Such as your Drivers license, Social Security Card, Passport, State ID, copy of your Visa, etc.)

4. Any of the Stagedoor Manor paperwork you have not emailed or submitted yet. 

Finally, come to camp refreshed and ready to work for a fast paced, exciting, and fun summer. Prepare to be surrounded by singing, acting, laughter, and constant chatter of a happy, busy atmosphere. You get to be one of those rare adults who make a positive and healthy impact on the growth of a youngster. While the work is often tiring, and the hours long, the rewards and feeling of accomplishment will last a lifetime. 

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