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Sound Designer

The Sound Engineer at Stagedoor will design and put together all sound requirements for each of our productions. You will work closely with each director to meet the needs of he show. Whether it be a list of sound effects, creating a soundscape or doing voice recordings. In addition, you will be responsible setting up sound equipment in each space and troubleshooting issues as they arise from operator error to equipment problems. You are part of the Lighting and Sound Team, therefore, Lighting Designers assist you in this process. You will also work with the rest of the team in each space throughout the summer. 

All of our staff works together as a team to help successfully get all 14 productions up and running each session. We look to our tech team to utilize your complete skillset not just your primary talent. So when we need you, you will be asked to help other departments finish up those last few projects before opening. Whether is be helping sew on those last few buttons, painting projects, or even doing last minute lighting checks. We all jump in to help everyone finish on time. 

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